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Kim Williams - Bio

kim & royal

Since I can remember, I have been an animal lover. My first kitty kat was named "Funny Face". He lived until he was 14. I have never ever, nor could I ever, NOT have animals. It has been responsible for pleasure in my life that could not come from anywhere else. Many people feel it has been the reason why I can't do alot of things they think I should do. I am often told, "downsize, make it simpler"... what are you trying to KILL ME? I may not be 20 anymore, but I am still strong and motivated to make something out of something... I don't care about money. I would NEVER take money over my animals. It would be my certain downfall. So, I miss this party or that one, don't go out to dinner much, don't travel, except for that emergency trip to the Cape to sit at my dad's grave. If I could just do THAT 2 times a year, help my daughter, the kids and every one of my friends and animals, I would feel like I hit the lotto.

I am a swf married to 2 horses..3 cats...3 dogs...mother of one gorgeous daughter Lynne Drake (39) who I had at a very young age. She in turn has 2 boys..Elija (12) and Ryan (18) which made me a a very young age. Needless to say....we don't use that word but instead my little darlings call me "MOM"!

I was born from 2 very hard working Aries parents. My mom, Irene Williams, was a tremendously successful Interior Desgner and my dad Byron S. Williams was a true music man. His talent for music ran through every vein in his body. They were both late night basement mom matching fabrics with carpets and paint and wall paper and ... and my dad in his basement repairing instruments with these iddy biddy screws that amazed me as he shook so bad with tremors I had no idea how he did it..

Thanks to them I have always pursued a love of houses and music... You might still find me blasting some pretty heavy rock music in the late hours of the night..of course after quite a few wines...

My love of houses has never stopped even though renting has prevented me from being able to do any interior craving is so strong I think that is why I have worked so hard here in the need to make things beautiful is not controllable..

From the time I can remember myself...I started out very shy and timid.  All that changed when I was 11 and my drop dead gorgeous tall handsome step brother with long hair in a pony tail started introducing me to some COOL MUSIC...Ahh yes..the little girl crush...the album that I remeber most was FREE "Fire & Water" love of tall men with pony tails has never stopped..

It was also then I got my first horse "Jake". I ony had him a short time. Then there was "Tuskin" who I had until sadly my mom loaded him on a trailer and sent him off one day. I was pregnant with my daughter and she decided I couldn't have both. That was an act that would live with me forever.

Kim Williams family
Left to right: Eli, Me, Ryan, Lynne

So along comes my daughter...she and I had quite a rough spot as I was still trying to figure things out...I grew up an only child and hated it..the loneliness..going to private neighborhood when Lynne came along, my fear of her suffering the same thing and my new found self being miss personality drove me to a life with roommates...and not just a few of them. My daughter didn't share the same sentiment and sadly it had made her feel less loved somehow.

She was only 22 months old when my beautiful blue eyed blond sister Dee had died at the age of 38 from a massive heart attack. She left behind a son Michael who was only 14 months old. I had just left my husband and moved home when this happened. Michael and his dad came to live with us on and off for about 5 years. I was happy the kids had each other for quite a few years and happy I had them.

It was then I worked at Ox Rridge Hunt Club in Darien. I couldn't work the show aisle as I wanted my weekends home, so.... they gave me the funny Dressage people, who usually come during the week. I then worked with Karl Mikolka at William Steinkraus' Estate. I met Karl at a horse show in Long Island and with his strong German accent he said "would you please come to feed my horses". When I found out who he was, I was totally in aw. Karl was from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, his stature on a horse was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This is where I really started to love this "Fancy Flat Work".

I then worked at barn in thrown from a cookoo horse, fractured a vertebrea in my back and finished that with a quit/fired situation. That then led me to working at Food Emporium...that was actually the longest stint I did with a JOB...3 years later ... I had HAD IT...punching a time clock and working inside..NOPE not for me...

kim & royal

In 1980 my dear friend Walter and I had opend up 2 dress stores in Norwalk, which of course my mom financed. It was in this time when I got my beloved "Royal". Due to the previous sitution with my mom I had not even told her about friends blew my cover because they kept calling the store...oh is she riding? ! She finally asked me "Do you have a horse?" That is where my life with him began...

In 1983, I started the "Cleaning Squad" and became one of the most respected cleaning services in Fairfield County. I cleaned most of the first built houses.. well mansions, in Conyers Farm including the residences of Michael Moye, Ron Howard, Vince McMahon, Henry de Kwiatkowski..and many more.

In 1999 I was tired of driving to Greenwich in my quit that and started KBW Designs website design, which I am still presently doing.

In 1996 my mom had passed away after her battle with Alzheimer's. She had left me some money which helped me to buy my 3rd house on my own. The 2 previous homes she had bought, we worked together and sometimes not, on renovating both of them. My last Norwalk house I had to tear myself out of as it was a showplace when I got done. It was full of love and friends alsmot 24/7, but the $3500 month mortgage was quick to do me in. Sadly, I left my friends behind which still tears at my heart strings.

So, I wound up in Guilford..and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT UP HERE! In 2004 my boyfriend Mike at the time wanted to buy the house so we could lower payments and do some needed things on the house. It was then I decided I wanted to publish "Excursionz Magazine". He helped me tremendously to make it a reality. 15,000 copies and 3 weeks later..they were gone! Everyone loved them! Due to the downfall of the economy I was never able to publish never know..

The economy took its toll on Mike's job and he went back to Alabama abandoning the house to just try to save himself. It was very very sad. All my attempts to save the house failed and that is where "Our Story" begins.

My beautiful talented daughter is a jewelry maker and such a creative person she blows my mind. She is also an obvious version of me with her playful scarcasm ... people beware if we are out together. My Grandson Ryan is 18 and 6'3"! He just graduated and is now trying to find his way thru life. Elija is 12 and is the cutest smartest little kid. They both are such awesome loving well mannered kids. I am so proud of them and my daughter.

So I think that cover it ... plus some!

Looking forward to meeting you all at Windjammer Farm someday!