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royals pet pad


To find a potential backer interested in supporting the Windjammer Farm/B&B/Royal's Pet Pad idea which is a two-fold cause. To keep the Windjammer Farm Family together and help as many animals and people with animals in need as we possibly can through the use of this property and its assets.

8/27 - Sadly giving up on project here. All our attempts have been misconstrued and have only resulted in people's complete misunderstanding of what I was trying to do. Thank you to all the people who have supported all of us and tried to help. We appreciate it all.

8/10 - Submitted Royal's Pet Pad Project to Kickstarter to help raise funds for our non-profit! Here is the preview. I also just updated the Petition on Change. org to try to find people who can help us find a way to stay here. View Petition Here (currently 58 supporters)

8/5 - Set up and Our Friends page where we will be linking to businesses and organizations who are helping or have helped us. Made the flyer for the first donation boxes. Will be in 2 or 3 locations in Killingworth & Clinton later today!

7/29 - We reached 40 signatures on our petition!! Thank you everyone!

7/28 - Posted article as seen in CT Cruise News on Facebook. Will also be posting here as well.

7/27 - Started a petition on for support of Royal's Pet Pad.

7/17 - Meeting with my friend "Norman the DJ" this am to discuss plans for run and other marketing strategies. Known him from the "Hot Rod Cafe" days... He just did a video of the project here! Stay tuned! Going to meet Pete my long time friend in Hamden to talk about run. Renewed Craig's List postings.

7/16 - Changed the Name of "The Pet Pad" to "Royal's Pet Pad". Made more calls to organize "Royal's Pet Pad Run". Date to be decided. It will end up at June's Outback in Killingworth, CT. 2nd or 3rd Sunday in August proposed dates. Must put this together pronto. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

7/15 - Renewed all postings in Craig's List under Pets in CT Craig's List and also posted in NYC. Looking to organize Bike Run for The Pet Pad, early/mid August. Trying to add postings to the new Facebook page. Haven't quite figured it out yet, but getting there!

7/14 - My daughter set up "The Pet Pad" facebook page.

7/13 - Posted ads in Craig's List under Pets in CT & NYC.

7/12 - Sent messages to several contacts I had from my "Cleaning Squad" days to see if they might be able to offer any ideas or support for the project. One was to Linda McMahon. I cleaned their house when it was originally constructed in Conyers Farm in Greenwich! I also contacted an old friend Paul Hirsh from P&H Construction. He is a very successful builder from Norwalk, CT. Added more photos to the gallery.

- Set up this news page so you can follow our progress. Follow up with the Channel 3 News Desk via phone and email. Another friend working on this also got information the the Channel 8 News Desk today.

7/10 - 12am. Emailed Scot Haney asking for help in getting some press from Channel 3. His quick reply came at 6am and gave me info on where to call. A very dear friend of mine emailed Kevin Hogan as a follow up to my email. CT Cruise News ran an article due to come out in this months paper.

8:45 am. - Ran to Guilford Green and tried to make a connection with Channel 8 news when they were broadcasting there. Gil Simmons was kind enough to listen to my plea and take one of my flyers. My friend Larry Kalbfeld was also there and got me a contact email, which I came back and sent over a quick follow up email explaining our situation. Also met two very nice women who I spoke with who showed interest in supporting and helping this cause.

12pm - Followed up on a lead to call "K9 Safe at Home Pet Service." Played phone tag with Julie who runs the organization. At 4:15 we finally connected. She is absolutely wonderful, with a cause almost duplicate of what I would like to do and has been helping people for a very very long time. I am looking forward to meeting her and seeing if we can be a mutual asset to each other in our quest to help animals and people. Her guidance can be invaluable in helping us get started.

4:30pm - Press releases sent to major newspapers in this area as well as TV & Media Stations.

7/9 - Created "Testimonials Page". Spoke with several people about press strategy, campaigned on Facebook, received our first donation.

7/8 - Set up "How You Can Help" form to get potential ideas and support for project, as well as testimonials from people who know me.

7/7 - Re-launched website.

7/6 - Worked on re-programming Windjammer Farm Website.

7/5 - Posted idea on Facebook for feedback, created flyers and paperwork needed for press.

7/4 - Made gallery files of all the projects and posted on Facebook.

7/3 - Started putting ideas together to strategize the campaign.

7/2 - Refined idea for the new Windjammer Farm purpose, started making contacts with people who can help with media/press.

Thank you very very much...
Kim, Tito, Royal, Regal, Chloe, Ariel, Tyson, Lulu, Dina & Stretch