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Windjammer Farm introduces:

royals pet pad

Some comments from the signers of the petition....

This is a wonderful idea ! A lot of times situation arise where people need help in caring for beloved pets !
Linda Taschereau THE HIGHLANDS, ME

Absolutely great idea! Keep up the great work!
Hans Gilgen CLEVER, MO

This could be an amazing success and well needed in any community where there are so many animals and people who need to give and get support - and who LOVE animals. I hope this ca happen!
Kathy Sharon

"Having known Kim since we were little girls, I have always known Kim to love her pets. She has been in love with horses as long as I can remember and has made sacrifices beyond any one can imagine for her pet family. One just needs to look at the pictures of Windjammer Farm to see the care and hard work Kim has put into making a beautiful and peaceful home for any who would come. I would like to sponsor vaccinations for cats and dogs."
We have been friends since early childhood
Robin Borean

"I have been following Kim through all her hardships and the joy of finding her own farm. I can't imagine her without her farm/stables that she's put her all into. All you need to do is look at the before and after pics to see all the hard work and dedication she has for her family of pets. I know I will make donations whenever I can. I Hope and Pray that all who read this will do whatever you can. Kim has a HEART of gold that loves all living things. She deserves this opportunity to finally live her DREAM!!! So let's do what we can to see this dream realized."
I've known Kim for many years
Joseph Walker

"I have watched Kim work tirelessly to ensure a quality of life for the animals in her care, that is characterized by an emphasis on providing not just food and lodging but adequate exercise, medical care, and special attention to animals that require it. She has often gone without so that the animals in here charge don't have to! She is truly a dedicated animal lover who speaks by way of her actions! She is a hero!
Once, proper status has been obtained perhaps I could help with assisting in putting together a charity event that would benefit Windjammer."
Friends for years
Rick Frost

"Kim is awesome with her animals. She has had Royal since he was very young and the fact that he is still going strong at the age of 34 speaks volumes to the way she cares for her animals. She cares very deeply for all animals and this would be the perfect venture for her.
She has been a friend for 10 yrs and gave me a place to live when I had no where to go".
Randi Perkins

"Always has done the best thing ..for the right reasons... a difficult proposition in the current world.. Kim's ideas are phenomenol... getting people onboard with MONEY is hard,,, as it always has been..
Long time friend and associate...
Tony DeMatteo, Jr.

I have known Kim Williams for over 20 years and her love of animals goes far beyond anyone else I have ever known. She is an amazingly hard worker and deserves to make this dream a reality. I have items for cats & horses. Also a guinea pig cage. I can help spread the word via facebook & beyond."
Eileen Wilkinson

"I've known Kim over 30 years and she is a kind, gentle, loving person who has always shown great compassion for all animals as well as her friends and family. I'm not sure what I can do to help and I do not have any animals or animal items, but I do believe this to be a great cause and would love to support it any way I can."
Chris Ainley"

"I have had the opportunity to assist in the work parties initiated by Kim to bring back the farm to its original grandeur. The love and compassion Kim has for all animals is amazing. Her relentless pursuit to provide a safe place for distressed animals has been a lifelong dream. Kudos to your dedication and unwavering support.
I would like to continue to support your endeavors by providing manual labor."
Robert Rakowski

"Kim Williams is a smart, enterprising lady who has a passion for life, friends, animals and career.  In a world where entrepreneurs are always challenged to stay fresh by reinventing their products, goals and outlook, Kim has continually met that challenge with high quality performance. 
Her expertise in producing websites (including mine) shows that she is clever, hip and has a flare for the original and supremely artistic.  Her ability to start a project from scratch and get it flying off the ground is represented by the successful publication of her Excursionz magazine.  Her ability to make and keep friendships is obvious to those of us who have had the pleasure to be in her lively and diverse circle of friends.  Her care and concern for animals is obvious to us who observe that her compassion for every living thing goes the extra mile and is brimming with love.

In short, Kim is an extremely capable person, pragmatic in every nuance and detail, with wonderfully original ideas and with the ability to see those ideas through to their complete and positive conclusion".
Brian Gillie

"I used to live with her. She would do anything for her animals". I can drop off dog food, how about a couple 50 lbs bags?"
Russ Mitch

"She will not give up her animals under any circumstances.. EVER! This is a TERRIFIC IDEA. There are so many rescue groups out there - with goals to save and place as many loving pets with forever homes as they can. There are many certified fosters too who volunteer to save and nourish many animals in need. Kim's goal goes one step further - she would truly like to help the people who do not want to give up their "fur babies" - but do not have the means to accomplish this. Kim has a heart of gold - and would do anything within her means to help people keep their "fur babies" that they truly love. She is unique - and I believe that she would go out of her way to help any animal in any way possible. This is my way to say... PLEASE consider Kim and her innovative way of thinking as another way to help animals in need.
On weekends I could help.
Friends through a (now deceased friend of my husband's and mine from years ago)
Sandra Gretta

"Kim is a warm and caring person."
Guy Green

"At this time, due to the economy, I am not able to help. However, I know if anyone out there can, please consider this a life saving matter. Daily we read about animals being killed, tossed from cars, unwanted and left to die. Here we have a dedicated animal lover willing to go that extra to help these animals live a normal life after not being loved. Kim is so good with animals, it is her passion, we all have something in life, she was meant to help any all animals  live the life they deserve, to run, to play, to socialize. She never gives up on them, she fights with them and cries when  they are ill.. PLEASE, let's all do whatever we are able to do to make this a reality".

"Look at the home she prepared for them, this place looked terrible before she and her friends made it livable and presentable. If I was the landlord, I would thank her for all her work. Forgetting who did the work, who cleaned the stables..Your animals would be loved, cared for and you would have peace of mind.. I hope I read good things for Kim and her adventure..."
Karen Kelsey

"She has been an animal lover since I've known her and is a very hard worker in fact her work ethic has always amazed me. Pet stores might donate supplies and food".
Debbie Foxman

"I know Kim for many years and know how passionate she is about her animals and any animal for that matter."
Cheryl Just

"As long as I've known her (which is many years) she's always been soul invested into the care of animals."
Long time friend
Joe Gallagher, Jr.

"She stands up for animals and cares for them very much."
Scott Morin

"I have known her as a loving and talented caregiver to animals since I first met her".
David Rizzo

Thank you very very much...
Kim, Tito, Royal, Regal, Chloe, Ariel, Tyson, Lulu, Dina & Stretch